Art & Illustrations

I consider my way of drawing and painting, as kind of graphic. I draw and paint with clear, smooth and often sharp contours. I usually imagine a main subject when I start my pictures and for the most part the composition falls naturally without planning. I usually sketch the subject with an HB pencil or blue sketch pen before I start with the contours.

I totally love how the black outlines shape the motives, how the expression change depending on how they are drawn and I feel pure satisfaction when they finally surround the whole figure or illustration. I use several different thicknesses of felt-tip pens but I usually stay between 0,1-0,5mm.

I mainly use ProMarkers when I´m coloring the illustrations, which, through its transparency can create shadows but without losing their brightness and intensity.

I usually color and edit the comic motives in Photoshop though.
When I paint, I usually use acrylics, I paint the pictures in several thin layers to create the same smooth contour lines as the black fiber pens.